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Lighting & Home Automation

Lighting & Home Automation

You can rely on Giec for all your lighting projects - and this for both new and religious buildings - as well as intelligent domotics systems that increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your building.

For the realization of new lighting projects we always listen to your needs as a customer and end user. This info creates a lighting plan with detailed lighting calculations per room.

In addition, companies are increasingly encouraged to use energy more efficiently and efficiently. In this context, Giec can assist you in the following ways:

  • Relighting of your existing lighting installation 

With relighting projects we do not only aim to achieve energy savings. At the same time, we try to increase the visual comfort of your employees, which will improve productivity and the working atmosphere. The government also encourages your efforts in this area with subsidies and subsidies provided for religious projects.

  • Implementation of intelligent home automation or building management systems

Giec supplies and places various domotics systems that enable you to intelligently steer your electrical installation, making your consumers (heating, lighting, …) very efficient and without wasting useless energy. These systems also provide a clear view of your energy consumption through various diagnostic tools so you can monitor and adjust your consumption at any time.

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