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From empty hall to modern production space without downtime

may 2022

From empty hall to modern production space without downtime

April 2022: Meubelmakerij en Lakkerij Verdonck moves to a new location and triples its surface area. Dirty empty halls are converted into a modern production area with heavy machinery. But of course, these cannot operate without electricity. In addition, the right lighting is indispensable in order to work accurately. GIEC provided a safe power supply to the machines. And the lighting? We worked something special out for that.


Furniture manufacturer Verdonck from Lokeren saw the light of day in 1930. Today, the 3rd generation is at the helm of a team of 20 specialists. Their craftsmanship translates into high-quality kitchens, bathrooms, dressings and all custom-made work for high-end interior decoration, shops and museums. In the lacquer shop, they guarantee a high-quality finish and the right colour for piecework and serial work by means of wet lacquering, staining, varnishing or cerusé.


And that quality is appreciated: the company is experiencing strong growth so that the rental location no longer suffices. The lack of space makes it difficult to work efficiently: employees, materials and machines need more space.


Larger location due to strong growth


When a building in the same industrial estate comes up for sale, the furniture workshop finds a new home. As a result of the investment, the company triples its surface area! The contaminated buildings, previously used by a manufacturer and collector of chip oil, are cleaned and given a new purpose as modern production space.


The empty halls are like a blank sheet of paper. Lighting and machines still need to find their place and, of course, electricity. Therefore manager Stijn Verdonck knocked at GIEC's door.


"In the past GIEC N.V. engaged us for part of the desks. In addition, we have also been 'neighbouring companies' for years in the E17 industrial estate in Lokeren. It was therefore logical for me to knock on GIEC's door for this project", says Stijn Verdonck, manager at Meubelmakerij en Lakkerij Verdonck.


From empty hall to modern production space


"GIEC was responsible for the design of the electrical schematics and all cable calculations in order to achieve a compliant electrical installation. With a team of 6 employees we then took care of the supply and installation of cable ways such as cable ladders, wire nets and PVC tubes and cables for the power supply of the machines and data communication. In addition we also placed the sockets and lighting", says Thomas Van Gansen, project manager at GIEC.


In de GIEC werkplaats werden alle kabelwegen en -ladders op maat gemaakt.


"Lighting is very important in the furniture industry. Employees who stand directly under a lamp and thus in their own shadow cannot work accurately. And some machines just need a little light, otherwise their sensors won't work properly. The installation of the lighting therefore required extra attention. At the customer's request, these were given separate controls. Is there no production at a certain location? Then the lamps can be switched off per row.


Patrick Goevaerts, site manager at GIEC adds: "The spacious buildings ensure that the power supply can run directly to the machines. Cables on the ground are a thing of the past, making it easier and safer for employees to manipulate and work. The preparation of the cable paths and ladders is all done in our own workshop. This allows us to work fully customised. For example, it was no problem to provide a slope or T-piece for the cable routes.


"Besides the cabling, we were also responsible for a large part of the mechanical preparation", Thomas continues. "This way, the HVAC and compressed air installer could continue working on the supports that we installed."


GIEC verzorgde alle elektrische werken in de meubelmakerij


Flexible sparring partner


"The biggest challenge in this project? That was undoubtedly keeping the downtime as short as possible," says Patrick. "In order to supply power to the most important machines as quickly as possible, we installed temporary site power points. In addition, we ensured that we could start work as soon as possible after the clearing of the halls. The result of our efforts? Production in the furniture workshop was only stopped for one week and the paint shop never even started. The mission was more than successful!


"In addition, it was difficult to estimate the scope of the project beforehand," Stijn explains. "During the work I constantly saw opportunities to optimise things. At GIEC I could always go and test my ideas in an open way. Moreover, they were particularly quick on the ball. Extra manpower on site? Quickly ordering additional material? The team was extremely flexible in order to carry out the required work as quickly as possible.


"I enjoy being able to act as a sparring partner. And certainly during the Meubelmakerij Verdonck project: the family atmosphere and the confidence of the customer ensured that I enjoyed going to the site every day," concludes Patrick.


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  • Location: Lokeren (Belgium)
  • Customer: www.meubelmakerijverdonck.be | www.lakkerijverdonck.be
  • GIEC scope:
    • Design of electrical diagrams and cable calculations.
    • Supply and installation of cable ways (cable ladders, wire nets, PVC tubes) and cables (power supply machines and data communication).
    • Installation of lighting and sockets.
  • Expertise: Eectrical engineering - sign construction


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