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GIEC obtains the VCA P certificate

september 2019

GIEC obtains the VCA P certificate

An active and thorough safety policy has been a cornerstone of our organization for many years. We are proud to announce that by obtaining the VCA P certificate we further underline this policy and are taking an important step towards the future. 

The 'P' stands for safe working in the (Petro) chemical sector and the offshore industry and is also the highest level within the VCA standard. With this, GIEC has taken another important step in its safety policy.

VCA stands for “Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist Contractors”. The certificate guarantees safety for companies and contractors who carry out activities in high-risk sectors or environments (eg factories, chemical industry, petrochemical companies,…). In order to obtain the VCA P certificate, one must be able to demonstrate and guarantee that the necessary measures with regard to prevention, safety and health are in place and are dynamically adjusted. This applies not only to our own employees, but also to any subcontractors and external partners.

The dynamic adjustment of the safety policy is done by, among other things, recording and following up on SHE objectives, introducing improvement programs, raising awareness, training, conducting trend analyzes, safety assessments of subcontractors, ...

Our certificate can be downloaded via this link: VCA P certificate.

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