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GIEC strives to:

From the beginning back in 2004, safety has always been a high priority for GIEC. Safety is guaranteed by our VCA P certificate.


Giec wishes to distinguish itself in offering quality solutions for our customers. This is guaranteed in several ways, but as a service provider, the training, motivation and drive of our employees is the biggest factor in our quality policy.


Project turnaround times are getting shorter and more technical structures are becoming slimmer for our customers … Giec wants to be the partner who wants to assist his customers in these sometimes hectic circumstances and is willing to answer impossible questions.


Our customers must be able to count on us. Making good agreements and clear communication are crucial elements in this.  

Socially responsible

Giec strongly believes in corporate social responsibility based on the people, planet profit principle.


we believe very strongly in people, starting with our own people. But also externally, we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners.


Giec wants to have as low an impact on the environment as possible and contribute as much as possible to environmental awareness among its employees and immediate surroundings.


We want to conduct responsible business where the economic aspect must not be forgotten. Only a financially healthy company can deliver the quality and reliable service our industrial customers expect.

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